Von |2021-01-07T17:55:15+01:00Dezember 26th, 2020|BLOG|

Just a test this is my first blog post. Just a test but I can already tell you some thing about me and what's gonna happen on this page here. I want to tell you about my thoughts in my creative processes and take you with me in a daily learning process called: life. Let's be honest.. you not easily finished a project right after you had that idea. There are more than a hundred steps to go till you [...]


Von |2020-10-22T09:38:51+02:00Oktober 22nd, 2020|BLOG|

OCTOBER REVIEW  pictures I took this month there where some funny, spontanious night shootings with close friends on mine. First one in munich where I visited a one of my best friends. She is one of those girls who‘s always hustling und pushing herself. She works also in fashion industry and we know each other from university.  It‘s always inspiring to hang with her because we usually have that deep talks about [...]

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