Just a test

this is my first blog post. Just a test but I can already tell you some thing about me and what’s gonna happen on this page here. I want to tell you about my thoughts in my creative processes and take you with me in a daily learning process called: life. Let’s be honest.. you not easily finished a project right after you had that idea. There are more than a hundred steps to go till you are quite a little bit happy about your work. Especially me always being super critical with my results. I dive into my new ideas and inspiration whose often need some new skills. for me sometimes its the art of learning a new skill and then there comes the art of create something out of this.

And I’d like to excuse me for my bad English. I’m just a girl from Germany trying her best in this language because I have this dream of working all over the world and this blogging stuff gonna teach me every day. Thank you for reading this.

Contact me if you have any questions. I also do some vlogging. Check it out.

written by Mona