Mona Morali




Hi Dear,

you wanna know why I’m doing that creative stuff all day long? It’s so easy for me to answer that. I just fell in love with it before breathing for the first time in my life. Ok, that sounds a little bit dramatic. But stories work better if you add some drama to it. So that’s kind of my job, I guess.  

As a Fashion photographer you have to tell diverse stories about people, feelings, designs, moods and emotions to reach your viewer. In my case I’m using my creative concepts to overcome certain things that happened in my life, good or bad. My type of expression.

So as you already noticed, conception is nessecary for my work. I want more than just a pretty image. I want to give people a message. Now the only thing that you have to think about is: What’s your message? Then I am going to  create a plan to bring that message to the people in a visual way,  whether you’re a person or a brand, isn’t it kind of the same thing in today’s world anyways?

On this website you will find my photography portfolio. If you like to work with me, don’t hesitate to contact me. 

I wish you a beautiful time on earth,

breathing dreams like air.


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